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CEAC manufactures an extensive range of standard and specially formulated alloy metal powder to your exact specifications - even on short notice. Our use of a close-coupled processing system with inert atmospheric protection, from atomization to collection, ensures pure and uniform products. Screening and blending equipment ensure particle size and distribution meet all order specifications. We use gas atomization in order to ensure spherical particle shape.The process begins by taking a thin stream of molten metal alloy and subjecting it to inert nitrogen gas. That gas is forced through high energy jets, which causes the metal to disintegrate and rapidly solidify into the desired spherical shape.
Using different nozzels and adjusting gas pressure, allows us to control the particle size of our metal powder for use in a wide range of applications. The powder is then collected and screened to meet the desired specification. Alloys include silver, zinc, copper, nickel, aluminum and tin. Our customers use CEAC metal powders in a variety of brazing, soldering, and thermal spray applications in the aerospace, automotive, dental, electrical and HVAC industries. Connecticut Engineering Associates Corporation was founded over 30 years ago and is headquartered in Sandy Hook, Connecticut.